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What Is Music Publishing: Educational Episode

Welcome Back!

Our first episode of our educational series is set to go live this week. The educational series is designed to be a short podcast that provides a sneak peak into the book A Songwriter’s Guide To Music Publishing. The episodes with be hosted by Legacy Lyrics and Music's Creative Director, Tasha Blumenberg. Tasha will pull a chapter, or specific topic from a chapter to cover. The first topic is What is Music Publishing. This episode defines music publishing, how it fits into the music industry and briefly covers what a music publisher does. If these topics sound like something you want to hear more about, be sure to tune in.

Also, A Songwriter’s Guide to Music Publishing is now available for pre-order for the introductory price of $9.99. You can place your order by visiting:

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Tasha Blumenberg, Creative Director Legacy Lyrics and Music

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