Music Publishing Services

Legacy Lyrics & Music realizes that the music business is a complex environment that relies deeply on connections and knowledge. Currently there is a large gap between independent songwriters, publishers and record labels. Legacy understands this frustration and aims to help you bridge that gap by providing you a platform where you can bring your music to life!

Sheet Music
Song Administration
Live Events
Computerized DVD Duplication

Our song administration services allow you to catalog and register your songs. This helps to ensure you will get paid when you begin publishing your work. This is a subscription based service with no long term exclusive contracts. In addition to maintaining creative freedom, our subscription administration service earns you a spot on our songwriter roster, allows you direct access to our admin team and offers discounts to live events.  

Our live events are designed to help educate you, provide a comfortable space to perform your songs for fellow writers and give you an opportunity to network. All of which are very important aspects of the music industry. We realize these tasks don't come natural to most writer's, which is why you help us create the space to ensure it is as comfortable as sitting in your own living room. Please check our event calendar, or follow us on Facebook to find events near you. Events will be scheduled on and on demand basis, so if you have a city in mind for an event, let's hear it! In the meantime, check out our podcast to start your educational publishing journey today.


Our music licensing services are available for ease of licensing your songs to third parties. Whether it's a mechanical, performance, or synchronization request, our experienced staff will ensure your license is negotiated, confirmed and payment is received in a timely and professional manner. Contact us to learn more about licensing.